Who We Are

One Roof Social was founded in 2015. We watched the influencer marketing industry develop from both sides of the fence and saw the opportunity for a new approach from an agency – one that helped plug the knowledge gap between a brand and an Influencer as to how a campaign can best perform.

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Performance & Data

Brands wishing to work within the sector can no longer rely on an ‘earned media’ approach if they want whole, commercial results. One Roof Social creates and implements campaigns that generate results for brands in a way that influencers can truly represent. We choose our influencers based on performance and data, ahead of aesthetic and relationships.



Under One Roof

The One Roof Social team hail from retail, eCommerce marketing and digital agency backgrounds. Together we provide both brands and influencers with clear, concise strategies that take into account the requirements of both parties.

We share ideas, consult, analyse and project-manage. We turn likes into loves and fans into customers. All under one roof.

We do not represent talent nor have a rolodex of Influencers that we select from. Our focus lies in listening to our clients’ objectives, delivering a campaign and turning all partnerships into success stories.

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